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Based in Barcelona we advise you on:

Agreements between companies

Price-fixing among your suppliers; a manufacturer trying to impose its distributor’s resale prices…

Abusive practices

A powerful supplier refusing to deliver an essential product or service; a large competitor selling below cost…

State aid

Public money to salvage an ailing competitor; ‘tax holidays’ offered by a neighbouring region…

Concentrations of companies

Mergers; a joint venture that you have negotiated and that some competitor tries to stop.

Which services do we actually provide?

in all the languages of this website:

We prevent problems

We advise you during negotiations of a contract; we design and implement compliance programs…

If the problem is there already

We represent you before administrations in enquiries and formal proceedings; we defend you in court…

Our team is used to civil and administrative litigation in Spain, but it also knows the details and peculiarities of pleading before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Let’s discuss your best alternatives!

We take care of Competition files:

Notifications and fining procedures before the European Commission the National Markets and Competition Commission, CNMC or regional competition authorities (in Catalonia, the Catalan Competition Authority, ACCo)…

We advise also in other areas:

IP law; pharmaceutical law; environmental law; telecommunications law; public grants; public procurement… and

Data protection:

The legal framework changed and the new regulation is largely based in Competition Law concepts. We advise you in auto-evaluation matters, administrative requirements, fines and judicial review.

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tailor-made solutions

Stefan Rating

Stefan Rating

PhD; member of the Bar, Barcelona (Spain) and Frankfurt/Main (Germany); specialising in EU and national Competition and regulatory law, notably in the fields of pharmaceuticals and telecoms.

Prior to rejoining private practice, Stefan worked at the European Commission for 14 years, i.a. as special assistant to the Director-General in DG Competition, where he oversaw the entire range of EU competition enforcement policy activities, including the Modernisation Group that drafted Regulation 1/2003. He was also a spokesman for Commissioner Van Miert; and a Member of the Legal Service.

Spanish correspondent of  Oxford Competition Law, OUP, since 2013. Member of the team of commentators of European Competition Law, Nomos (current eds. Schröter/Jakob/Klotz/Mederer) since 1997. Co-author of EC Competition Rules in National Courts: Spain (with E. Navarro), Nomos, 1999. Commentator for Competition Law and Economics (Wirtschaft und Wettbewerb 05/2016) Lecturer at Barcelona’s Abat Oliba CEU, and visiting professor at Barcelona University.

President of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Barcelona (CCBLB). Member of the AEDC; the AEDEUR; the AHAJ; the IBA; the KDF; and the Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht. LEAD Fellow; and chair of the Legal Studies Section at the Barcelona Athenaeum.

Languages: Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.

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Yolanda Martínez

Yolanda Martínez

Master in European Community Law (LLM) at the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium), with a scholarship from the Patronat Català Pro-Europa (Catalan regional government); and Executive Master of Business Law at Garrigues Centre for Studies, taught jointly with Harvard Law School. Law Degree at Barcelona University; Juris Doctor at Puerto Rico University (double degree programme); and exchange programme at McGill University (Montréal, Canada). PhD studies ongoing at Barcelona University. Admitted to the Barcelona Bar (2007).

Attorney-at-law at J&A Garrigues, S.L.P. (2007-2015), Public and Competition Law department. Associate lecturer of Public International Law, EU Law and Competition Law at the Barcelona University since 2009. Visiting professor (on-line) of the preparatory course for accessing diplomatic service, European programme, at CEI International Affairs (Barcelona).  Spanish correspondent of the Oxford Competition Law on-line commentary, OUP, since November 2015 . Author of several publications in EU and competition law reviews.

Languages: Catalan, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

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Dr. M. Fevzi TOKSOY

Dr. M. Fevzi TOKSOY

Of Counsel. Master degrees at Istanbul and Brussels (ULB) universities in EU law and economics; PhD in EU Competition law; specialising in EU and Turkish Competition and WTO trade remedy law.

Fevzi has broad experiences across a wide range of industries such as automotive distribution, ICT, environment, energy, FMCG, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, airlines, financial services and media.

Co-author of Liberal Professional Associations in Turkey, Civil Society and Democracy, 2011; and Competition Law and Policies in the Automotive Industry, 2006. Author of articles on Competition law, EU law and WTO-related trade issues. Lecturer in EU and Turkish Competition law at Marmara University EU Institute.

Associate Member of the ABA; Advisory Board Member of the Pakistan Competition Commission, assigned by UNCTAD; International Competition Network (ICN) Unilateral Conduct Working Group Member; member of the Competition Law Committee at the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC); member of the advisory committees to the Competition Law and Policies Application and Research Center, and to the Ethics Research Center, respectively, both at Bilgi University.

Languages: English, French and Turkish.

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