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Notes about theory and practice of Competition Law

Waiting for EUleen Hoats


On 19 October last we were honoured by an invitation to the 1st Consumer Policy Academy, that the regional Health Ministry organised at the University of the Balearic Islands to […]

Commission decisions and Caesar’s wife


On 26 October last, the General Court (GC) handed down a somewhat unexpected judgment in Case T-394/15: the GC annulled the Commission’s Decision of 10 October 2014 approving a concentration […]

“Supreme” light on the shoemaker’s children…


Stick to your guns In October 2016 we commented some fines that the Spanish national competition authority (CNMC) had imposed on legal Bar associations, because the decisions raised some fundamental […]

High Fidelity, under ECJ scrutiny (again)


It’s been a week since the ECJ published its Intel judgment (Case C-413/14 P) and already it has caused quite a stir. Which is hardly surprising, though, considering that we are […]

Google: One for the Money…


On 27 June last, the European Commission imposed a EUR 2,424,495,000 fine on Google for allegedly abusing its dominant position on the market for Internet search engines. Since, illustrious antitrust […]

Better (?) late than never


Last Friday, May 26th, less than half a year late, the Spanish Government adopted Royal Law-Decree (Real Decreto-Ley, RDL)  9/2017, which implements into Spanish law the European Union damages Directive […]

UBER = Transport Service, ECJ Advocate-General says


‘What is Uber? Is it a transport undertaking, a taxi business to be blunt? Or is it solely an electronic platform enabling users to locate, book and pay for a […]

March… on the road!


After starting March with the rather sorry setting for the European Commission’s White Paper on the Future de Europe we have chosen to shoulder our backpack and take advantage of […]

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